Way Too Long

Well hello there! Remember me? Sorry for it being so long since I last posted. I’ll try to do better in 2013.

So, we got moved to Georgia in mid September of 2012 and the day after – yes, the day after we unloaded the last truck, we got the dreaded call – the contract had fell through. Yep. We loaded one more truck and headed home to Indiana. That was a scary and defeated feeling. I hated those days. Saying goodbye to something that I had no sooner said hello. The thoughts that rushed through me were common; ‘Why?’ Why did we literally pack everything we own and spend $1000’s of dollars just to move right back? My Mom taught me the most valueable lesson of my life in her last days. “There’s always a reason, we just aren’t meant to know why sometimes.”

By the end of October we were back in Indiana. His folks visited us a couple time for the holidays and I was very happy to host my family twice when my sons came to visit. My middle son came first the beginning of December with his wife and my first grandson, Riott. We had 21 family members over for Sunday dinner. It was amazing! Always wanted a place big enough to host my ever-growing family. If you think 21 is large – that was not even half of my immediate family. My nephew and niece-in-law announced their big news: due in July!! Yes, yet another grandchild to add to the family tree. What a joyous moment!

Hosting the family wasn’t near as much stress as I thought it would be and I was glad to do it again in January when my oldest son visited with his new wife. She’s due May 22 – yes, going to be grandma x2! YAY!! Another branch extends forth!! Found out it will be another boy, Noah. Can’t wait to meet him. Sucks that we live so far away. Doesn’t matter if I live in Indiana or Georgia or ‘Timbucktoo’; both my sons live in Missouri. That’s probably the part I don’t like about my life most right now; I can’t just stop over and see my kids/grandkids. Can’t just babysit and spoil my offspring’s offspring…but thank God for modern technology. I can text, call, Skype and keep up on their to-do-n’s on Facebook. I can see progressive baby belly pics and hear all about her craving and emotional boundings. I can still offer my motherly advise and be involved. It’s the little things 🙂

I found a new job – one I love so much. I work from home now. It’s great!! I actually turned down 2 other offers in town. That was scary. I’ve never worked on a contract like this before and after what happened to Dave’s contract last year, I feared the worse. Besides, I cannot recall ever turning down a job offer, but something told me to take this one. I knew it meant I had to disciplined. I knew the risks. It took almost a month before I actually started. I worried if it was real. But my worries were soon layed to rest. When I started working, it was just as I remembered. It was like dusting off a bike and hopping back on – I was a little wobbly the first couple days but before I knew it, I was doing flips and coasting with my hands up in the air! The people I work with are fun, dedicated, understanding and just down right great people. They have faith and that really sold me on them. They weren’t afraid to say it in both my interviews. Know how when you talk to someone, you just click? Well, that’s the way it was with this team. I’m glad I listened to my gut.

And it’s a good thing I took that remote job – we are back in Georgia!! Yep. Last truck is unloaded and no call yet. (And there better not be, God willing! Lol!) I have faith that this time is it. We are here for good. Today marks his first day at his new job. Kinda scary, but in a good way. Dave and I are as strong as ever. He even left me a little note in my office this morning. Love those little moments…don’t think he realizes how much…

So, what’s the moral of this blog? Don’t give up. Everything happens for a reason. Sometimes the best things happen out of the worst circumstances. It is our struggles – our victories and our defeats – that makes us who we are. We can chose to begrudge life and anticipate the next hurdle or we can face each day for what it is, knowing that we have the opportunity to rise above, grow and be grateful. I got to host my family not once, but twice. I got to have my sons over and create some new memories together. I got to spend some quality time with my daugther who is growing into the woman I knew she could be. I got to overcome one of life worst disappointments with the one I love. I am thankful for technology that allows me to stay connected no matter where I am. I am thankful for my faith that continues to see me through – and I am reminded that through God’s strength, we can do anything.

Until next time!


“The humble will see their God at work and be glad. Let all who seek God’s help be encouraged.”  ~ Psalm 69:32

Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think.”  ~ Romans 12:2

“Love never gives up, never loses faith, is always hopeful, and endures through every circumstance.”  ~ 1 Corinthians 13:7


7 responses to “Way Too Long

  1. It’s all about change isn’t it….the fear of the unknown. Acceptance and knowing everything truly does happen for a reason –

    I can totally relate for I have moved 13 times in 3 years and going on 14 on Saturday – I am heading back to the beach – the only thing different is that I only move with very little – no furniture. Liberating – I bet you got rid of lots when you moved – that can also be a reason. Not only things but memories that no longer serve you!

    Happy for your NEW LOVE – abundant blessings your way my friend Angie….

  2. I hear ya, Nancy! This is my 4th move in 10 months! Pretty drastic after living in the same house for 20 years!

    I am pretty good about getting rid of things so far as momentos that no longer serve me. I live in the ‘now’, not the past. Regardless how great is was, it’s over; I prefer to cherish the new memories. I know those memories made us who we are, but I think there’s a level of respect extended when we take the effort to purge those items and let go of the past. I see no sense in retaining things that remind me of someone else when the one I love most, is right next to me. 🙂

    So far as furniture and other items collected over the years, I’ve definitely slimmed down. My mom was the packrat, while my dad opted to ‘throw it out’. I’m definitely my father’s daughter, lol, but I prefer to give away what I can. I am a strong believer that it will come back to me in better ways. 🙂

    Love and light to you, my friend! Let me know if you are ever near middle Georgia!! We must make it a point to actually meet some time!


    • What a beautiful note and I myself have been emotionally perging and your words have touched me so – the ones that state – “I see no sense in retaining things that remind me of someone else when the one I love most, is right next to me.”

      So true – and I also have been involved with a Dave – David. Middle Georgia huh – where? I would love to make the journey and finally actually meet! I have a girlfriend Nicole from Facebook and she came up to the beach last year to meet me with her boyfriend – she lives in Shady Grove, GA.

      In love and light,

  3. We are near Waren-Robins. Very nice area. We plan to go to Florida from time to time and enjoy the beach. Maybe we will be in your neck of the woods – not sure what part of Florida. Dave knows this area. I’m still lost. Lol!

    • I am not in Florida – I am moving to Wrightsville Beach, NC – been in NC for over a year now – living right now in the mountains – Asheville. I have heard of Waren-Robins – is that off I75?

  4. Lol! You are asking the wrong person, but I think so 🙂

  5. So Happy to see you are back and doing well. So thankful for your blog posts as they are always an encouragement to me.You relate to me in many ways as I’ve also loved and lost. Yes,everything happen for a reason and in this life we sometimes are left with questions and doubts but we become ever stronger having gone thru it.

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