Every Second Another Smile

I really wanted to blog today. I settled in and tried to accumulate my thoughts struggling with that first sentence, but then this came out. Sometimes, you just have to let it flow…let the heart speak on your behalf. Here goes…

If I could let you inside my heart,
To see what I feel
Feel what I see
You would think it was just some crazy dream
Just like I did,
Until you showed up and brought that craziness into focus.
Making sense of the senseless.
A part of me always knew you were out there
Through all the hell
Through all the pain
I could not relinquish that dream…
Rather, it would not let me go.
All along echoing deep inside that I didn’t have to understand, only believe.
No one knows God’s plan.
I have come to realize there were things I needed to work on
Things I needed to learn
Things I needed to unlearn
And although I may have taken the long way at times
I had to go through those things.
All a part of His master plan ensuring I’d be ready for us.
And I am.
I know from here on out we will see the world differently
Every second will be another smile
Every day another memory
And we will appreciate all we’ve been through before
Knowing that it was all purposeful in bringing us to now
Together. Side by side.
And forever I will thank God for you…
for breathing life into my crazy dream.
                                                                                   ~ Angela Nichols

12 responses to “Every Second Another Smile

  1. Okay Angie – who’s the new love of your life? Besides GOD for he is ALWAYS the #1 love of our lives…

    Thank you for sharing,

  2. I am new to this blog and you just wrote what has been on my heart, lately. Thank you, Angie.

  3. “And forever I’ll thank God for you…
    For breathing life into my crazy dream.”

    That’s absolutely great, Angie.

    Nice poem (I don’t know what else to say apart from this).



  4. Awesome and sweet. I always marvel at how people can express their feeling like that. Not to be a skeptic, but how do you know it’s real?

    • I don’t mind you asking at all SAB, I’ve actually asked myself that and I’m confident in my answer. I know it’s real for several reasons. First, there are no red flags. Seriously, none. You have dreams and I have this ‘sense’ about things. Nothing gives me an uneasy feeling or a warning that I should back away. (That is a first, btw.) Secondly, we have all the elements of a strong ‘table’. (Remember my blog?) We communicate like never before; we are both honest and open and I trust him completely. For the first time, I feel safe. Safe in being who I am and who I am with. Last, and most important, I feel that he is my equal. I feel, for the first time, that I’ve met the one with who I am equally yolked. There is no competition, no fear. I have an unspoken sense of support and encouragement I have never experienced before in my life. My heart is at peace. Calm. I don’t see my future without him in it. Maybe I ought to blog about that? Lol.

  5. Thanks Angie. My question was more for me. lol Please blog!!! I am relationship challenged and love hearing other peoples stories. 🙂

    • But it was a great question. This is more than just thinking I have found ‘the one’. We have all done that at some point and later regretted uttering those words. I totally get what they mean when they say ‘you will just know’, but I get it now. I can give reason after reason but inside, I just know. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t scared as hell, but I’ve learned that fear is not something we should allow to consume us. I’ve spent several years getting to know myself and loving myself. THAT was the best investment I ever made. 🙂

  6. I hear you and I understand. And investing in yourself is always worth it. Looking forward to hearing what you share.

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