Live As If the Camera Is Rolling Non-Stop

I was reading Max Lucado’s “Facing Your Giants” again last night. The chapter “Colossal Collapses” starts off talking about this guy that bought the domain ‘’. While this was a gold mine, he only asked for three things: one of ‘those’ hats, a free stay at the Vatican hotel, and complete absolution, no  questions asked, for the third week of March 1987.’ I know, right? What did he do that week?? But more so than that, one sentence really resoniated with me: “If a box of tapes existed documenting every second of your life, which tapes would you burn?”

Interesting, right? We all have those moments we wish we could erase from our memory forever. I’ve asked for forgiveness for those dark times in my life and I can rest knowing they are in my past. In the last 3 years I honestly don’t have any moments I would be afraid to view again. Maybe times I wished I had walked away quicker, not believed so completed, but God is helping me through all that. I’m making great progress. I’ve discovered I’m looking in the mirror more than at others – none of us are perfect. We do have some control as to how others make us feel. We are not all victim. I consciously look at the reflection of myself, in my choices, my decisions, and their consequences.

To look at this statement as it is, it’s more a matter of realizing regrets. But we can’t change our past. We can go to God and ask His forgiveness and grace.  He can make us new again. Then, I believe we could all be well served, to live as if the camera is rolling non-stop. Our parents, our children, our family, our friends…and even our enemies can see everything we do. What would we do differently? What would we change? What do want to see when we look in that mirror? Be proud of who you are – even in your faults. Be a better you than you were yesterday. Let the camera roll, and live with no regrets.


One response to “Live As If the Camera Is Rolling Non-Stop

  1. And the most important thing is realizing that when you ask for Gdo’s forgivenss for your mistakes, BELIEVE you have and start acting like it! Don’t keep beating yourself up for past failures and mistakes. God will never throw them back in your face. That is the unmerited grace of His forgiveness.
    So go on and learn and “live as if the camera is rolling non-stop”!

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