How an Egg Represents the Trinity

A friend once told me that an egg best represents the trinity. God is the shell, the yolk is Jesus and the Holy Spirit is the white. Each is essential to the other and together, they make up an egg – a symbol of birth. How appropriate that it is the symbol of Easter, because without Jesus’ death, it would not have come to be. The rising of Jesus represented the completion – the unity of the trinity. Sins are forgiven, the path is open. Praise God, He is Risen!!

I hate holidays. I keep thinking I may find the right person and start to like them again, but…who cares. They are all commercialized anymore anyway. We forget the reason behind holidays. They become just another reason to have a day off or to get together or buy stuff. This holiday, please take time to thank God for opening the door to grace. Remember the flogging and the beating Jesus endured for US. Remember the nail pierced hands, the pierced feet and the blade in His side. Remember what he said…“forgive them, for they know not what they do.” We are all flawed. We are all doomed, that was until Jesus died on the cross for us and paved a way. It’s not just a holiday…to all my readers, thank you for reading. Be blessed and Happy Easter.

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