Afternoon Moon: Welcome to Club Reality

Sitting in the sun with the afternoon moon,
Recallng where I’ve been and not going back soon.
I know why you’re there, just a reminder that echos.
In a history of pain that’s vacant of heros.
A heart that can’t love, knows no tomorrow.
But I’m alive and I’m shedding this sorrow.


Sitting in the shade with the afternoon moon
Replaying my past like a rerun cartoon
Excuse me for waiting, excuse my concern.
Not gonna rush, a hard lesson to learn.
Hands on the stove are gonna get burned,
a heart that can love is one to be earned.
                                                              ~ Angela Nichols 10/29/10

Afternoon Moon...

I’ve been noticing the moon in the daytime a lot lately…yet again, I get this tug that this is something I’m suppose to see. And I feel it. I think it’s a reminder that darkness is always looming and, quite honestly, necessary. How would we know we were in the light if we had nothing to compare it to? How could we make the hard decisions if we had nothing to gauge the implications?

If there were never a consequence attached to our actions, we would never desire to change, to make things better. I often see this correlation with childhood and adulthood. What we didn’t learn as children, we get to learn as adults. If your parents never taught you to manage money, adult life will give you a reason to see that you need to. If we weren’t loved enough as children, we grow up not knowing how to accept or give proper love as adults…and through the rough patches, through the heart break and breaking of hearts, it’s something we will learn.

If days were always perfect, we could never appreciate them. So, as life progresses we come to realize some of the habits we’ve developed in life and it makes us feel inferior, flawed, unworthy. Welcome to Club Reality! Everyone has them and having them makes us no less of a person. It’s what we do with it from there. Just like an addict or alcholic has to at some point say, “Damn. This is destroying my life. I need help.” We must accept the fact that we have flaws, then with God’s help, work through them to become better. Lessons have to be learned at some point. We should only have to burn our hands on the stove so many times before we say “ENOUGH“. If you continue to think you’re not to blame, that you don’t have to change…expect more of the same. We’re not on the playground anymore. We can’t talk ourselves out of detention. We can’t expect someone else to bail us out or continue putting up with us. We can’t keep touching the flame expecting that it won’t burn us. We have to remember, to a degree, where we have been to avoid returning there again. So look at the afternoon moon…and be thankful for its’ subtle reminder.

One response to “Afternoon Moon: Welcome to Club Reality

  1. Excellent post my girlfriend! So true to not go back but yet gently know that our past has been such a great part of our now…..relish in the now and be thankful for where you are….I read something this morning that stated, “we will all have a moment when life flashes us by”…. I replied, “yes we will have this moment and I plan to live in each moment and when that life flashes us, I will just simply SMILE.”

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