Jagged Edges

I had this image pop in my head yesterday as I was driving home: a broken heart and all it’s jagged edges. The tip on the bottom egde was sharp and shiny, almost like that of a blade. I pictured that heart being given to someone else, yet it pierced through the other person like a dagger. I’ve been trying to find the words to describe it. Huh…think I just did, but I wanted to elaborate so I thought I’d blog about it real quick during my lunch.

I’m starting to think that these images I get come from God. It stands out so pertinent and I can’t shake it. It usually comes back the next day with more understanding to it. That’s when I have the ‘ah-ha’ moment. I think He wants me to see that until my heart is healed, I can’t truly give my heart away. “You wouldn’t give a child a broken glass, so why would you want to give someone your broken heart?” Makes perfect sense. A friend can help us pick up those pieces because they can relate to us. They have a different kind of love for us. They know the dangers and they know to be careful. However, it is truly up to us what we do with those pieces. Do we let them stay sharp and dangerous to others? Do we hide behind the false protection of the shards of pain or do we smooth them out and let God help us mend them?

I thought to myself, but how do you repair a broken heart if it’s made from glass? Once glass is shattered, it cannot be repaired. Why am I seeing a heart of glass – then it dawned on me. If those pieces are returned to the flame, they can be reshaped into something even more beautiful than the original, because those pieces go into the fire with more meaning and more purpose than the first time. And in the end, after all the work is done, what comes out is something even more beautiful, more precious, more valueable than what we could have ever fathom. And THAT, my dear friends, is what you want to hand to someone else. It’s a process…

So, is the fire hot? Hell yes it is.

Will it hurt? Hell yes it will.

Will it be worth it? More than I ever dreamed possible….

3 responses to “Jagged Edges

  1. Now you are on fire my girlfriend!!!! This is one of your best writings and I love the way you are using analogies!!! That’s why we have so much divorce and breakups because all of our hearts have been wounded during our lives and when we don’t heal from the wounds and we jump into another relationship then we keep making the same mistakes. Heal the heart and be complete in yourself before we can give ourselves over to someone else!!!
    All my love to you,

  2. Hi, Angie. This message is very profound. I never thought of a broken heart in that way, but it is right on. No doubt, God is speaking to you, and in your language, so to speak — with visions and analogies. You, acting as God’s conduit (remember what Pastor Rick prophesied over you), are taking what He has spoken to you and turn it into words that others can read and understand. There is absolutely no doubt He is speaking to you, Angie. You are becoming very mature in the Lord so much that you are able to recognize voices that are NOT his, like you mention in this blog. Those are signs of spiritual maturity (His sheep know His voice). Keep on pressing in and leaning on Jesus, and the Holy Spirit that lives inside of you. It’s so exciting to see God working in your life !!!!!!!!! Love you!!

    • Jeanne, Nancy, thank you so much. I’m such a newbie at this. I struggle with so much. It’s hard to discern God’s voice, my voice and the voice of the devil and bad spirits. Even then, sometimes it’s hard to move. I know that’s normal, but it’s so helpful and encouraging to read your words. Jeanne – I actually don’t remember what Pastor Rick prophesied over me 😦 I think we are all His conduit, we all have a job to reach others, but our gifts are different. (You were mine and I will always be grateful for that.) Thanks again for taking time to post a comment. I absorb every word and need the encouragement. Much love and blessings back to both of you!

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