Accomplishment: Accomplished

Wow. What a difference a day makes, but that day makes no difference if we dont have a change in our attitude.

After writing my blog on Friday “A Day in the Life“, I had a major attitude change. I had a renewing of energy which I so deparately needed. Sitting at this laptop I had things rolling through my head that I need to do. God doesn’t want us to sit idle. I set out to purposefully do some of those things that have been on my list for a long time:

  • build my hot box
  • hang my swing in the tree

Not much, but, I was determined not to sit around this weekend and do nothing. It feels good when we accomplish even the smallest things. And sometimes, when we accomplish small things, they lead to bigger things. I can be like my kitten, Fred, and entertain myself by chasing my tail (which is horribly cute) but…where does that get me? To the next hour? I want more then that. When we accomplish even the smallest of things, we can look at them with confidence and say ‘I did that!’ And that’s exactly what I did this weekend.

Project #1: Hot Box

First, I cut the timbers for my hot box. What’s a hot box, you ask? Well, I love gardening and don’t have much room indoors to start seedlings. It’s hard to successfully get seedlings growing outside because of the cooler weather so, a hot box enables me to have a little mini-garden outside just for seedlings. Once the seedlings are big enough I can transplant them to my garden. I usually try to start part, maybe a 10th, of my garden by seeds. With this hot box, next year I can venture to grow maybe 75% by seed. How fun! (There’s just something about taking a seed into food on the table that excites me. Maybe it’s my farm upbringing or maybe it’s my love of nature. Who knows. I just know I love it. Gardening is a task I enjoy.)

Project #2: Hang Tree Swing

Saturday I set out to hang a swing my dad gave in my tree. The swing is 64 inches long and heavy. I love my tree and it has the perfect limbs for a swing. I knew I could just throw some rope around the tree, but that would damage the tree. I love the shade that tree provides, I don’t want to harm it. The task scared me but each time I saw the swing sitting on my picnic table, I ached to see it dangling on the tree. This was a big task for me. Like my father, I tend to get upset if things don’t go as I planned, and not knowing what I’m doing, I was sure something would go wrong. Buying the wrong part, not having enough extension cord, devising a way to hold it up while I hung it: all these things happened but I kept my cool. Talk about feeling accomplished! I took it all in stride. I got all the supplies out that I knew I would need and if I found I needed something else, I just went and got it, enjoying the experience. I did my homework relying on YouTube to help me with my plan. I kept telling myself “I can do this”. I borrowed a drill from my brother (who was kind enough to let me keep it – bonus!) and I took one step at a time. I measured then measured again. I thought it through. I was very calculated about the whole job focusing on the end result not just finishing it.

The bolt I bought the night before was too short so I went to buy a new one. After getting no help from Lowe’s, I went to Home Depot. The guy was so helpful. I thanked God for giving me someone who could actually help me. He went through the whole project with me. We found a 1/2 x 12 bolt, then ventured to find the other gadget which the rope would rock on (yeah, I know. Real technical I am.)  He made sure I had the right drill bit – I didn’t – had thought about it but was almost ready to check out when he reminded me. The whole experience at Home Depot made me feel positive about my venture, so I bought caulking for the tub. Project #3. There’s something to be said about great service: it leads to additional business. I’ll make this short, but with student loan money coming soon, I decided to take advantage of the free measuring and have my kitchen measured for new flooring and an island. GOSH. I’ve wanted an island for so long. I have very little surface space and cabinet space…now that I have money coming in and no man sucking it out of me or past due bills to pay, I figured it’s time to invest in my home. After I do all this work I won’t want to sell it, but when I do, it’ll be worth more. The tile I picked is so awesome and compliments my cabinets. Going out of my comfort zone – I’m a white/tan wall kinda girl so this whole adventure excites me. Not sure I can afford both, but I will surely do one or the other if I can’t. As it develops, I’ll be sure to keep you posted! Pray for me! God will provide 🙂

Anyway, the swing was a huge challenge (note: be sure the drill is not on reverse or you’ll spend extra time drilling and drilling…getting nowhere.) But, I did it. It’s level, perfect height and because I sought out to purchase the right rope, it supports me and both my kids. I am so proud of this accomplishment alone. I DID IT! I didn’t need a man, I didn’t need my dad. (Unless you count the guys on YouTube.) I just needed to believe in myself, do my homework and stay calm. In doing this, it made me realize that it was just like life: Life gives us road bumps and we just need to stay on course. Don’t fret, don’t get over excited. Nothing worth having just falls into our laps. Get help where we need it and it will all work out. And it did and I’m so proud of myself. I am so thankful for the accomplishment…and the lesson it taught me.

As the day turned to night, and after a relaxing shower and talk with my daughter, I decided to tackle job #3: recaulk the bathtub. Let me say now that YouTube is AWESOME! Need to know how to tie a bowline knot? Need to know how to recaulk a tub? YOUTUBE IT! (Okay, so maybe I did have a little help from a guy! LOL!) I finished the tub, then did the bathroom sink. Later that night after doing dishes, I decided to recaulk around my kitchen sink, too. It looks so fresh, so new, so great. Even my house needs love. I love to look at it as I walk by and I proudly showed my son when he came home. (My kids probably think I’m nuts but I want them to see that putting in the work is rewarding.)

And that’s it. My weekend. Well, so this blog isn’t full of bible verse or enlighting words…it’s about accomplishment. It’s about lifting ourselves out of our saddness and being purposeful in our actions. Reading my bible the night before and really analyzing how I was feeling made me see that I didn’t want to be down and it was up to me to get myself out of the funk I was in – with God’s help, of course. I can’t expect anyone to lift me out of my darkness, but I can turn to God’s light. I made a goal (a couple of them) and I set out to finish. While my mind was reminding me what I didn’t have, telling me “I can’t”, God reminded me what I do have, echoing that “I can”…and…I did! I don’t know how many times I’ve started a project and never finished… Finishing is such a great reward. But finishing is up to us. It’s up to us to have a ‘can do’ attitude.

I may never finish my walk with God, but I will always reach for what is mine: Happiness. Contentment. And I’m not afraid to work for it. I will never give up…not even if the swing wasn’t perfectly level or the caulking job doesn’t looks like a pro did it. The fact is: I did it. Yep. Little ole’ me. The strength I pulled from God’s word on Friday, guided me, lifted me, enabled me to look beyond the hurt and strive for the hooray of tomorrow. So, I busted my butt the past couple days, but today, today I had a cup of coffee on my swing. I admired my caulking job while I did dishes and awed at my hot box while I plucked a few more weeds. And…most importantly, I thanked God for the ability to do each of these projects. Through God all things are possible….Blessing to all of you.


7 responses to “Accomplishment: Accomplished

  1. Way to go, Angie !! I am seriously impressed. You are a girl of many talents, and you keep discovering more!!!! You’re swing looks awesome, and growing plants from seed … what an accomplishment that will be !

  2. Looks like your site is getting alot of visitors. Are you doing any time of special coding to make your site appear so well in the search engines? Great Job!

    • Thank you for noticing 🙂
      No…I’m not doing anything special in my code. Didn’t know I was so easy to find but I’m glad I am…who knows, maybe I’m getting some ‘devine intervention’…lol!

      • Way to go! I’ve been pretty busy all day getting things in order for China, packing, making a photo journal for my BF and I, and getting paperwork in order. It helps to be productive. My dad always told me as a kid “The meaning of life is work, we are here to DO!” I think he is right in a lot of ways.
        I’m glad to hear you are doing so well.

      • Thank you 🙂
        Have fun on your trip! I’m so excited for you. Would love to travel someday…maybe when I retire 🙂 Godspeed my friend!

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