LOVE: 62 Years of Marriage

Oh, what a lunch time treat! We should all feast on this. What do you see when you watch this? I see love. With so many definitions of love, how do I come to this conclusion? Well, look at them. No wonder they’ve been married 62 years. Here’s what I see:

They have unity. They are in perfect harmony.

They have humor. Look at their smiles.

They have fun. Watch the whole darn thing!

They have affection. Look at how they pat each other when they switch places.

They have passion. Look at him getting into it and watch how she smiles at him.

They have team work. Look at how each of them knows the other’s part as they take turns.

They show concern. Watch how he stops completely when she stumbles onto the bench.

They have compassion. Look at where they are at – the Mayo Clinic.

 And what I love most is, either they both enjoy playing piano or one does it because the other one enjoys it. If the latter is the case, that’s selflessness. THEY MAKES ME WANNA SMILE…AND DANCE!


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