Blessed Be YOUR Name

This song takes me back…it was one of the first Christian songs I listened to years ago and it was one of my favorites even then. It reminds me of my first real feelings of closeness with God. The best thing about faith is just thinking of Him covers you in peace. (I have a big laying on my heart to blog about peace so keep an eye out for that this weekend.)

Do you thank God for your blessings? Even the small ones?? Instead of using His name in vain, we should use His name in PRAISE!! Thank You for my trials, Lord, for they help me grow! Thank You for my breath for it means I get to walk with You yet another day! We have Him in times of trial! Glory! He gives and takes away but He never takes away His love! Thank you for that Jesus. Thank you for accepting me, growing me and loving me! Bless You, Lord, and bless all my friends, so that they may come to know You like I do if they don’t already. Amen and amen!

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