Amen! Who knew Kid has it in him…

Yep, for this lunch hour we have good ole’ Kid Rock rockin’ some praise! Ok, ok…in his own unique way, of course. But hey, at least he’s praising! The images in this video are a smack of reality. When you get down because of bills, just think of these people who are starving. They can’t afford food let alone a house payment, car payment, insurance, etc. Can you imagine the joy on their faces if they could just order from the $1 menu at McDonalds?? We are free!! We aren’t any where near starving, yet if we are we have churches and organizations ready and willing to help. We just complain too much!!! 

If you didn’t know it, Kid is actually very supportive of our troops. He may have a big mouth but he has a big heart, too. I think the thing I love most about this song is how real it is. He’s telling everyone he sees it too, and he’s sick of it. He’s reminding us that we should judge less and love more. We have to love each other more if we want it to get better.  We cannot give up. “There’s someone out who unconditional, religiously loves you so, just hold on, cuz you know it’s true!” If you agree with some of the points in this song, let’s hear some AMENs!!

Every knee shall bow…


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