I Will Rise

Today…not so bad…tonight…not so good. So, this song reminds me that although my flesh may fail, He is with me. I will rise from this and be better for it. The day will come when I will know if what I feel in my heart is true. For now, I have to silence it. Overcome. It’s so hard to cry when you just…know. You can’t explain it, and part of you knows you shouldn’t. This may sound morbid, but I can’t wait until I’m with my Mom…until then, I’ll just keep chugging on in this walk. And, ya know what? Even in this moment, I can see my growth. I’m not who I use to be…reminds me of another song. 

Lord, I stand before you, transparent, bearing all my faults and sins. Forgive me Jesus. Lift me up, help me fight these emotions. Dry my tears. Lord, let me hear you. Draw me close. Silence my fears. Let me lay on Your chest and just feel Your heartbeat surge through me. I am weak Lord…yet, I know You love me, and it is a love I can barely fathom. Make me strong in Your Holy Name. Thank you Jesus for Your many blessings. I know You will be right here with me yet again. I am not in darkness because I know You walk with me. Amen.

2 responses to “I Will Rise

  1. Hey my “girlfriend”- LOVE this song and so very true; WE will rise and proclaim victory!!!! A beginning of a new week and I claim VICTORY for us!!!! One moment at a time my friend!!!! Stay focused and you are right – it is what it is and HIS time not mine!


  2. Thanks Nancy! You are a true friend! And yet again, I am blessed because of it!

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