Enough: Re-evaluating My Walk

Well, another poem struck me tonight. It’s short. My weekend was awesome, and today has been good, too, but there’s…this…thing…bothering me. My mind. The what ifs, the wondering, the questions. Maybe the devil isn’t very pleased with my progress, but I am. And I feel God is, too. Looks like it’s time to shut down the playground! I stand strong in my resolve. I’m holding out for something real. Until then, I am going to enjoy my friends, meet new people and discover the things I like to do even when I am alone. I am going to learn to embrace the silence, endure the solitude and grow to appreciate the person inside of me, a person God Himself would be proud to call His child. 

I’ve been asking myself what does ‘walking with God’ mean? Well, to me, it means that I’m trying to be the person God wants me to be. A good, wholesome person. God wants us to walk like He did. That doesn’t mean I will 100% – afterall, I am human, but it means that I need to follow the commandments and the way God wants us to live via the bible. Think about it: if we all spoke nicer, forgave faster, believed in each other more, considered others with an attitude of love, viewed life as a journey where everyone is connected in one way or another – what a better world it would be! Have you seen the insurance commercials where one person does something small but nice and another person sees it, then that person does something nice and yet another sees it and repeats the gesture? Remember the “Pay It Forward” movie? It happens. Try this: one day devote yourself to smile at everyone you meet. Nothing crazy, just a polite smile. Say thank you at every opportunity, open a door for someone, just do something nice. It does spread. There will be those who are determined to find a flaw but those type of people thrive on chaos. Don’t be like them. I’m not. I steer clear of people like that…and as I walk away, I smile. Practicing these simple gestures could be the most impactful movement, the most critical habit humans could adopt in their whole, entire life. It’s not what you have, where you work, how much is in your account, how quick you make it to your destination, it’s who you were while you were here; how you touched other people’s lives. And I want to be clear: I’m not perfect nor will I ever be. I still curse on occasion, I still get aggravated behind the wheel, I still cut people off when they’re talking…I’m not perfect, but I’m actively trying. And…someday…I will be the perfect catch for someone who deserves me.

I’ve never had a true love.
No. It’s never been enough.
Admitting who I really am,
Man, has it been tough.
But now my eyes are open,
and now I’m starting to see,
All along who I should be loving –
The person inside of me.
God’s tucked me away safely,
in a customized cocoon.
So don’t you worry about me,
I’ll be a butterfly soon.
Then watch me as I emerge,
And mark these simple words.
I may not had enough of love
But I’ve had enough of hurt.
                                                              ~ Angela 7/12/10

10 responses to “Enough: Re-evaluating My Walk

  1. Beautiful poem, Angela. Thank you so much for posting it!

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  4. What a beautiful post. Thanks for sharing your heart!!

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  8. Angela, the more I read your blogs, the more I can identify with you. I live by the principle of paying it forward and good kharma! I have suffered a great deal myself with pain and that makes us all stronger. What won’t kill you will make you stronger!
    Keep it up! I hope you have had a chance to read some of my blogs…I suggest Basement People Versus Balcony People. Stay in touch!

    • I couldn’t find the exact article you mentioned but did read a few others. Love your attitude! Would you mind posting the link in a comment so others can get to it too? Thanks!

  9. Thank you Angie and by the way, I have a sister naned Angela also….my inspirational blogs for women can be viewed at http://www.blog.makegirlfriends.com

    Enjoy and stay inspired!

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