We Are Family

Been spending a lot of time with family this weekend. Give you a little background, I am the baby of 8. There’s 16 years between me and the oldest child. My dad is #6 of 11. I am one of 58 grandchildren. I have 21 nieces and nephews. Yeah. Large family. My folks were married 49 years and 10 months when my mother passed away in 2003. My dad turned 80 this year. You’d think we’d see each other more often but we don’t. Half of my siblings live out of state: from California to New York. Weekends like this are special…cherished. I am reminded this weekend of how blessed I am.
I got to walk through the house I grew up in for over 30 years today with my second oldest sister Vicki. The new owners are so awesome. I saw my old room covered with hunting gear and boys stuff. But I was okay with that. Time has a way of helping me deal with certain losses and changes. They’ve really done some upgrades to the house. I could still see home, but I could see how another family has made it there’s and it made me happy. They are loving it, just like we did. The home is happy…just as it should be.

Anyway, today I got to yard sale alone with my second oldest sister. She’s like my mom. She said some things to me today and last night that made me feel so great. Awesome. I almost dont feel like the black sheep anymore…its wierd. The whole day has reminded me of my blessings. Some are not as fortunate to have such a large family based on and full of such love. I want to cry happy tears…happy tears are good. They are great cuz they remind us our cup runneth over. Yesterday, at the wedding i had to go to the bathroom and cry. I pulled myself together and sat back down. Part of me wanted to run, to leave, to get as far away from the memory of my wedding as possible. It was all a lie. The day that was suppose to mean so much to me was a joke. But then i started thinking: this is my family. My niece. Im here to not just witness their union but to pray to God to strengthen it, bind their marriage. Pray over them and ask God to bless their marriage. We all fall but im getting back up. Family. Love.
I will log these past couple days in my brain and store them for later when I need the reminder of how much love I’m surrounded with. I hope your cup runs over too. And I hope you never give up, give in to sin, or lose hope. This is why we have bad days, so we can fully appreciate the great ones. Thank you Jesus.
(I’m typing on my iPhone while I’m with my family but wanted to share my thoughts. Pardon any typos or running thoughts.)

2 responses to “We Are Family

  1. It’s always a nice feeling when you know that the impression that you are the black sheep of the family is fading to them all.

    My family mostly accepts me these days for who I am, as opposed to what they wanted me to be. I still have issues here and there with some of them, but we all manage to get along.

    I am also glad for your niece. It reminds me, too, that everyone is capable and deserving of love from another. Something I have to remind myself of all too often.

    Sending peace and love your way!

    • I think my family can see a change in me and my attitude. That’s taken several years. While I may not be exactly where I want to be, I’ve overcome some hurdles that made them rightfully disappointed in me. (I was disappointed so why wouldn’t they be?) Also, I can see where I’m not ‘trying’ to be accepted, I just ‘am’. I am pleased with my progress and that’s the level at which I can compete. No others standards or rules but my own. My faith has made me realize who’s opinion is important. Everything else just falls into place. I still feel like the ‘odd ball’ some times, but that’s what makes me unique and I embrace that. If we were all the same cookie-cutter people, it would be a very dull world. I believe. In my faith, in God…in me. Thanks for commenting – nothing but peace to you and yours!

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