I self excluded myself from the boat on 1/31/10. I get an offer today in the mail to come back and get $125 free spending cash and a free night in the hotel. Yet, I’m not swayed because I knows my limits but with Casino Aztar, I am NOT happy. Sure, computers make glitches but in this day and age, when someone admits an addiction and takes the necessary steps to correct them, or at least avoid the triggers, you would hope those in charge would take extra care to not exploit that.

I called and told them about the offer I received and the man says, “You can’t come on the boat!” I said, “Well duh! So, why did you send me such an offer??” The reply, “We’ll call you back.” Go figure.

The devil knows our weaknesses yet we must remain strong. All he did was show me he’s not happy with me getting closer to God. Too bad. I have a gambling problem. I admit it. I am being transparent. I am admitting my faults to God (and everyone else via this blog). I am not perfect, but for the grace of God I am forgiven and my efforts are to not travel down these wore paths I’ve been down before.

When the devil knocks, scream for God! If he calls you out on your faults or your weaknesses, take them to God and admit them. Ask for His grace, His mercy. He can’t help us if we come to Him with excuses and reflections of blame. We are guilty of our sins. Plain and simple. But you know what, I’m okay with admitting that I am me. Let him without sin cast the first stone. God loves me for who I am and who I’m trying to be. And only His opinion matters to me. God is my refuge, my salvation…my Rock.


2 responses to “Temptation

  1. Dang girl! You have been busy. be back when I have a chance.

    • Tell me about it! Brain’s clicking like nobody’s business. It’s a real challenge at times…but I just keep reading, praying, hoping…hope you are doing well. How’s the travels?

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