The translations of this song are interesting. She’s singing about lost love.  “Lovers left me to bleed”…”Down here love wasn’t meant to be.” Maybe the truest love we have yet to experience is not meant to be felt here on earth. Keep in mind that Flyleaf is a Christian band. While they don’t outright say His name or sing praise like common Christian bands, they do secretly impact their lyrics with ideas and imagery that provoke thought.

C.S. Lewis stated, “The only place in all the world where you can escape the dangers of love is hell.” WOW! Well, I have not given up on love. I don’t want to escape love! I know it’s out there….Maybe time is what we need. And then again, maybe my love wasn’t meant to be felt here on this earth. Maybe my idea of love is so outrageous and fanatical that it could never exist in the confines of this space in time. Maybe…my kind of love does only exist in dreams…who knows.  Oh yeah, that’s right. God does. That’s why I’m leaving it up to Him. His will…not mine.

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