I just wrote this after reading chapter one of “The Three Battlegrounds” by Francis Frangipane. I’m reading a friends book but bought a copy today that I plan to give away. It is an awesome book. If you’re interested in ‘winning’ a copy of this book, just comment on this post. Remember how I say the mind is the devil’s playground? Well, this book explains why, to a degree. It explains how the devil feeds on our sin. Just think, Chapter 1 and I’m already touched…You can check out a ‘sneak peek’ of the book here. (Click the book to see inside.) 

Thanks for reading…

The darkness is bleak and I cannot see.
I feel his putrid breathe following me.
I want out! I wanna be free!
Won’t you Lord, please grant me some peace?
Satan demanded permission to sift me like wheat.
And with my own sin is how I am beat.
He knows my weaknesses, I allow my defeat.
For just a taste of God’s mercy I fall to my knees.
The serpent has slithered around my weary soul.
And he longs to turn my tender heart into coal.
But “Jesus!” I scream. “I’ll pay any toll!”
“Please Lord, Please, just make me whole!”
Must start the healing by submitting to God.
Sacrifice isn’t easy nor is admitting I’m flawed.
Meek and transparent I escape the façade.
God is so merciful, to Him daily I laud.
I turn from the darkness and stare into God’s eyes.
I admit to Him my faults, yet He’s not surprised.
He tells me He loves me and parts the grey skies.
Light shines through my darkness, I feel my faith rise.
~Angie 7/6/10

5 responses to “Flawed

  1. Beautiful poem , Angie.. A whole lot of reality in so few words. God Bless, Thank You for sharing..

  2. Love it Ang !! You have a great gift !!

  3. This poem is so thought provoking and touches me in my own personal life. Thank you for your awesome posts and this poem has touched me. God Bless!

  4. Honey you are sooooo talented. God’s gift, for sure. So glad you use it! 🙂

  5. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE WINNER: Michele! I hope the book touches you like it did me 🙂

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