True Motivation

Here’s some true motivation. This man, Nick Vujicic, has no limbs…well, he does have chicken drumstick. (LOL!) And he does have something we should all strive to have: a great attitude. Aside from his obvious challenges, his attitude carries him farther then many of us could ever dream. He has hope. Now you would think he has every reason not to have it, but he does. Where does he get it? How did he not give up with such diversity? Who knows…all I know is, I’m inspired by this man. Like he says, although we fails 100 times, we should continue to try. Never give up. Hope and faith go hand in hand. Failure is not the end. It only matters how we finish. Finish strong. Find the strength to get back up. Next time you think life sucks, think of Nick. Not sure what his source of hope comes from, but I find my strength in God…where do you find yours?

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