Cry Out to Jesus

Another Third Day song…love this. Calming. This is what I mean about listening to something positive. I won’t lose faith because I know He has bigger plans for me. He can break the addiction and chains. I remember I’m not alone in my shame and suffering. I’m normal. And God loves me. More then anyone I’ve ever known. If I cry, I’m gonna cry out to Jesus. He has enough for the broken hearted. There is grace and healing in His word.

Lord, hear us when we cry out to you. Fill our hearts with your grace and mercy, protect us under Your all-knowing wing. When I feel helpless and hopeless, help remind us of all the blessings you pour onto me. Don’t let me take even the smallest for granted for I know even through the rain, You see my tears. Thank you for being there. Thank You for Your unconditional, unwavering love. Help me love, and live, like You more and more each day. in Your holy and precious name, Amen


One response to “Cry Out to Jesus

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