Up to the Mountain

I can really relate to this song…

    I went up to the mountain, cause you asked me to.
    Up over the clouds, to where the sky was blue.
    I could see all around me. Everywhere.
    I could see all around me. Umm, everywhere.

    Sometimes I feel like, I’ve never been nothing but tired.
    And I’ll be walking, oh, till the day I expire.
    Sometimes I lay down. Nothing more can I do.
    Then I go on again, cause You asked me to….

    Some days I look down. I’m so afraid I will fall.
    And although the sun shines, I see nothing at all.
    Then I hear Your sweet voice, come and then go.
    Telling me softly, You love me so….

    The peaceful valley, just over the mountain.
    The peaceful valley, oh, that the few come to know.
    I may never get there, ever in this lifetime.
    Sooner or later, oh, there I will go, oh, oh, oh!
    Sooner or later, there I will go…….


Here’s her live performance on American Idol. WOW! You can just feel the song through her…awesome. Totally awesome.

One response to “Up to the Mountain

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