The More I Seek You

This is an extremely powerful song. Every time I hear it at church, I stretch out my arms and cry. This is a pretty laid back version…wish you could hear how they play it at my church. The band at our church is just totally awesome. The lead singer also plays guitar and the keyboard. He really gets into his music and watching him, hearing him…it’s just awesome. He is a blessing at our church. All of the band members are. If you ever wanna join us, service is every Sunday at 10:00am. Cornerstone church on Kratzville right where Buena Vista ends. We have a daycare and a children’s ministry. Think about it. Maybe even come when I sing. I could use the support 😀

Thank you Lord. Thank you for the comfort of Your loving arms. Thank you for the reminders that You surround us with every day to demonstrate and illuminate Your love for us. Lord, give us comfort when our wounds just don’t seem to heal, and join us as we rejoice in the good times. Walk with me and guide my path so that I become closer to You. In your holy, precious name…Amen”

     “When times are good, be happy;
       but when times are bad, consider:
       God has made the one
       as well as the other…” 
                              ~ Ecclesiastes 7:14


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