God…Talk to Me

I’ve heard numerous people talk about how God talks to them, how I just need to listen for Him, ask Him to speak to me…but it often leaves me pondering: How does God speak to His people? Is it a clear voice? Is it a vision? An unsettling in the soul? Is it going to scare me? I’ve asked God to speak to me and I think I’ve heard Him…for me, it’s not like an actual voice, but more like…an inner ‘knowing’ of sorts. Yet, sometimes it gets all jumbled up and I’m not sure if it’s me – my head, my heart, my soul, my gut – the devil or God. And sometimes trying to figure it out gives me a headache and I just want to give up (and have in the past). Is He really talking to me or am I crazy?

I did some research on this and discovered that there are many ways God speaks to us. First and most popular, is through His word – the Bible. (2 Tim 3:16, Psalm 119:11,105). The bible is God’s manual for us. While not so easy to decipher, that is what church and our spiritual advisors are for. (That’s funny – just like the humans we are, we often throw away the manual claiming we can figure it out for ourselves…just to dig it out of the trash later.)

Secondly, sometimes He speaks to us through inner conviction and peace. There can be an inner voice within us that is almost hard to ignore. (1 Kings 19:12, Isaiah 30:19-21, Job 4:12) Kind of like when we are teenagers, yet, that ‘inner voice’ is our parents telling us what not to do. Nagging at us. But just as normal human teenagers do, we ignore them. Brush them off, just to learn later that Mom or Dad was right on the mark…darn it. Likewise, God knows what good or bad for us. As I’ve grown I’ve noticed that I get an uneasy feeling when I think about following through with the idea. If I think about not following through and that relieves the uneasiness, then I know what my answer is. I hope that makes sense…it’s often the simplest way I can test what I’m feeling. Although, as I’ve said before, sometimes the doubt creeps in and I have to pray for clarity before reacting, and again, patience is not my strong point.

Other ways God speaks to us is through our spiritual advisors (Prov 12:15, Prov 15:22) and dreams (Matthew 1:20-21, Numbers 12:6, Job 4:13). Sometimes it doesn’t have to even be someone who knows us intimately or is fully aware of our circumstances. You can call it coincidence or convenience, but you are only masking a miracle that can truly only be of God. (Not to say coincidences don’t happen. The devil loves to interfere and mess with our minds like that. Can you see where I often battle with myself on my ideas and thought process? The mind is the devils playground and he’s got one of those fancy wooden gymnasiums set up in my head. No worries. Gods gonna help me tear that thing down.) God does fill His people with knowledge that is unfathomable for lay understanding. He may give them dreams or actually speak to them about us as a way of speaking to us. My Mom use to call me at the most inapt time and distinctively ask me, “You doing okay? I had a dream about you.” It would be right after a big argument with my boyfriend or a breakup or something else highly tragic for me at the time. I would immediately break down into tears asking myself, “How did she know?”

He can also speak to us through visions (Acts 10:9-18, 1 Samuel 3:1, Job 7:14, Numbers 24:16) and angels (Luke 1: 26-38, Numbers 20:16, Luke 1:19, Revelations 22:6,16).

I spoke to my spiritual counselor regarding my concerns about God speaking to me and how I sometimes get that ‘inner feeling’. She told me that I need to be sure that it aligns with God’s word. Is it ‘of God’? God’s not going to tell me to rob a bank to pay my bills or help the poor…yet unfortunately…sometimes the answers just aren’t going to be as obvious. She said to ask God for clarity. Pray to Him and ask him to give me a sign, a clearly vision of what He wants me to do. (Isaiah 40:31 KJV) Ultimately, I do believe God is speaking to me. And as I dive further into my walk with Him, I hope that His voice…the messages He is sending…becomes clearer.  I wouldn’t even mind a dream or two…

3 responses to “God…Talk to Me

  1. Hello. I don’t really do the Jesus thing, but I hear what you’re saying. I use Chinese fortune sticks to tap in. In Buddhism/Taoism its not so much that you are talking to God as quieting yourself so that you can be in touch with all things, and yourself, and by extension God. Its sort of a matter of how you think about it. Thinking about God differently is interesting. There were these Christian theologians in the medieval period who were really concerned with the incomprehensible nature of God, so when you talked about God you had to negate everything you were saying. So God is a man, God is not a man, God is everywhere, God is nowhere. I don’t really remember. That theology class was a while ago. Anyway the incomprehensible nature of God became the basis for why freedom of choice (the fall) and omnipotence (God’s all powerfulness and all knowingness) work, even though they seem to conflict. So in thinking how God might speak to us… I like all of your ideas, but even if it is only you speaking to yourself, aren’t you a piece of God as well, does God not live in your heart? I personally hate thinking about God as a limited thing, like a bearded guy in the sky, who is separate and cut off from myself. I like to think of God as all present and my separation from God as the illusion of existence that all life is predicated upon. We forget ourselves, and come back to ourselves, but God is never farther from us than the very rush of blood in our own veins, or the rush of air in our lungs, or the buzz of electrons in every molecule in every cell of our being. God is very great indeed. I enjoyed this rumination. Thank you for writing about your need to connect with the divine. It reminds me. I hope I didn’t ramble too much. May peace and blessings be upon you.

    • Wow! I love how you asked and described how God is a part of us. “God is never farther from us than the very rush of blood in our own veins, or the rush of air in our lungs, or the buzz of electrons in every molecule in every cell of our being” Almost made me cry. Absolutely beautiful, poetic and profoundly true. He IS a part of us. WE are His tabernacle. He lives in us and He does surge through our veins. This affirms for me what our pastor has been saying for some time about how we are His church (our bodies). No wonder I can feel Him sometimes.
      Thank you so very much for taking the time to read and comment on my blog. What you said touched me and I hope it touches others who read this as well. Feel free to come back, sit a spell and ramble on any time you want 🙂

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