Hi there! This is my very first blog EVER, so…bare with me. This is both exciting and nerve-racking all at the time time!

Over the past couple years I have started a photography collection I call “How Great Thou Art”. These are images of God’s great world combined with bible verses that I hope will inspire and uplift others. While I’m open to selling prints, I want a place where others can view them as they wish. Motivation towards God should be free…

Likewise, I’ve always had a desire to share my experiences and thoughts with others.  It started on Facebook, but I always seemed to run out of room. (My parents always said I talked to much!) But no worries, I will limit myself here as well, but really want others to participate in the conversations. This is a forum where you can learn my perception of the bible and life in general. Keep in mind that some of these views are strictly my own while others are what I heard in church, what I’ve read in books, from other spiritual leaders or so on.

In this blog you can expect my sincere honesty, my ignorance and my opinion. I do not know everything, nor am I perfect. God is. I’ll let him retain that solitary title. I want to share books with you, photography with you and hopefully have some giveaways where I can bless others with what has touched me.

Anyway, I hope you follow this blog, participate, enjoy, grow and learn…right along with me. My journey with God has had many, many trials, tribulations, bumps and bruises. But He never gives up on me and I vow to never quit trying to live the life He wants me to have. With God, all things are possible. With God, I find my strength…I hope you do, too. God bless!


9 responses to “Welcome!

  1. I am the first one to leave a comment! Yippeee! I love this, Angela. Everything about it is AWESOME! God Bless you! I am signing up. Congratulations! Love ya! Dawny

  2. Angie , too cool….I love every bit of it inspirational and totally heart lifting.. Angie your heart has alot of shine…Thank you for this Blog and the many words of love and joy everyday…God Bless you and your beautiful family…

  3. This is AWESOME Ang!!!!You and your photos your quotes and now your blog !! your awesome girl !! Keep it up !!

  4. Awesome Ang! Thank you for sharing your heart and I’m quite certain God will bless your effort!!!

    I love the line, “Motivation toward God should be free…” How is it that you get this and I get this but BIG CHURCH doesn’t get this? Why does it seem to me that Christianity is moving backwards instead of reaching toward God? Sure, we say we are moving forward, but are we really?

    I have to admit, this has been my rant for a while now. I admit it that it might be a fault of mine to see it this way, but why is church so expensive? Why should I have to pay $80 to go hear a Joel Olsteen or another popular preacher when he should be gladly sharing the message with everyone? Why does it cost me so much to take part in a wonderful organization like Promise Keepers? Is God only accessible to the well-off? How does that make us any different from the stories in the Bible that Jesus told? Don’t you think the Kingdom of God should be accessible to everyone? I mean, honestly, if Jesus were to come today, most churches probably wouldn’t let him in the door. How sad is that? 😦

    Didn’t mean to rant and rave. I’m stuggling with what I believe is a bigger truth than Church teaches. I believe we are getting to a time when Jesus is going to reveal his real message to us in ways the antiquated church cannot handle or accept. My desire is to seek God and understand God’s will for my life and I don’t think I can find any of it in church any longer. I am going to have to find a new community of believers, I guess, because I believe it is important to worship with others and support one another. Just not in the way that contemporary, popular Christianity is headed.

  5. You’re darn tootin’, Jeff! Bible says we are to tithe 10%, therefore what each of us contributes should be equal based upon our individual means. I know that’s not always the case, but that’s what we should gravitate towards: that should be a common goal. (Malachi 3:8-10, Leviticus 27:30) God will reward us justly if we give with a loving and open heart. I understand some organizations need funds to guarantee the continuation of their mission, however, I also see that some squeeze probably more then they should. That’s for God to deal with…not us. There are so many things of this world that set us off, but somehow, we have to give that to God. I’ll do what I can, and I’ll let God handle the rest.
    Maybe God is calling you higher, Jeff…has that thought crossed your mind before? There’s a fire burning in you, so now you need to find a way to let it out so others can catch it too!

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